Foundation Repairs

Floors not level? Cracks in walls? Let us level your house foundation. We can do it all from fixing the foundation to repairing inside walls to giving you a complete renovation.  If your foundation is not level you may end up with some of the following conditions: 

☆   Cracked bricks in exterior brick

☆   Cracks in Chimney

☆   Leaning Chimney

☆   Cracks in foundation walls

☆   Door and/or windows sticking

☆   Gap where ceiling and walls meet

☆   Sloping and uneven floors

☆   Leaning or bowing walls

☆   Cracks in walls and around door frames

If you have any of these issues then give us a call.  We will come inspect your home and give you our recommendations for fixing any problems we find.  Sometimes cracks in the brick is a result of expanding angle iron over windows and doors which we can also fix.

Foundation Repairs

House Leveling Steps & Pictures

Step 1
-Every 8’ we dug out dirt 2’ below the existing footing.
Step 2
-Poured 1’ of concrete which left 1’ to place 30 ton bottle jacks.
Step 3
-Jacked up house to level it with the 30 ton bottle jacks.
Step 4
-Dug dirt out between jacks to 1’ below existing footing.
Step 5
-Poured concrete under existing footing around bottle jacks which were left in place.
Step 6
-Put 2 continuous runs of #5 rebar in the new footing.

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